Hello there! Since we do not know each other, let me tell you a bit more about me…

My name is Luis and I am a graduate of Columbia University where I majored in Economics and Psychology. I am now an economics graduate student at Cornell University. 

Throughout my time at Columbia, I devoted my free time to studying decision-making from the perspectives of psychology and economics. As such, some of my previous projects have focused on investigating the relationship between memory and preference formation, the spillover effects of choice architecture tools, the influence of competition in trust and communication, the impact of salience in choice behavior, and the impact of ambiguity in decision-making. Although this seems all over the place, I also have an interest in political economy and have collaborated on projects about voting and collective choice. 

For the most part this summarizes the breadth of my interests and tells you a bit more about me. But here is a fun fact: My introduction to research was in a biology lab, during my freshman year of college, where I worked with transgenic fruit flies (i.e., genetic engineering) to identify germ cell mutations. Needless to say that this path did not work out for me.